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Unwind with a massage

We provide a range of massage treatments in our private treatment rooms at our Wigston clinic.

Our therapies include aromatherapy, reflexology, physiotherapy, deep tissue massage and lava shell massage. 

Massage Therapies

We offer a host of complimentary therapy services in a comfortable and friendly environment. 

Let us get to work on the problem. Call us today on
0116 278 9630







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Indian head massage

Suffering from stress? Constant headaches?

Then Indian head massage could be the solution for you. Your head is the place where you keep all of your mental tension, so it's not surprising it can manifest itself with physical symptoms. Great for combating headaches, sinusitis, stress and fatigue, this relaxing treatment 

Massage therapies

Massage therapies are beneficial in a huge number of different ways.

Primarily they balance the mind, body and soul by reducing stress and helping with relaxation.

They also promote healing, stimulate the blood flow, increase muscular efficiency and stimulate the metabolic system. 

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