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Some of our chiropody treatments:

Nail cutting - £12
Have your toenails cut, filed and cleared of any debris by a professional. Nails thinned if needed. Foot cream to finish. 15-20 minute treatment.

General chiropody - £19
Standard treatment. Nails are cut, filed, and thinned if needed. Padding and medicaments provided. 

Chiropody treatments

Treatments for every foot, every person. 

To arrange an appointment with a chiropodist, call us today on 0116 278 9630 







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Further treatments:

Verrucae treatment - £16-19
We use a cryotherapy (freezing) and strong (60%) salicylic acid to treat verrucas. We may also suggest a self treatment which can be used at home.

Annual diabetic foot check - £12
Strongly recommended for diabetics, we will check the overall health of your feet, checking for things like nerve damage and circulation problems. We will complete an assessment form for you and your doctor to keep on file. We recommend this treatment at least once a year for diabetics. 

More chiropody treatments:

Biomechanical assessments - £25
A full evaluation of your walking, to provide a better understanding of how it could impede your foot health.

Insoles/orthotics - From £40
Custom made insoles and orthotics are made up to alleviate your individual problems.

In-growing toe nail surgery - From £160
An almost painless treatment, we either remove part or the whole of the nail. First redressing free.

Redressing - £12
Home visits £27 

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